Analytic Bridge

Metrics plugin for WordPress

The WordPress Analytic Bridge is an experiment of the Institute for Nonprofit News. Its goal is to make Google Analytics easily querable from the WordPress enviornment aiding in post aggregation, article metrics and better editorial understanding.

This plugin is under active development. Updating to new versions might require reactivating to rebuild database tables, as there is currently no upgrading framework.



At its core, Analytic Bridge is a wrapper around the Google Analytics API. On plugin activation, a WordPress cron job is registered to pull fresh analytic data every 20 minutes.

Functions for querying this data will be available in the future.

To show a potential (and probable) use case, the plugin registers a popular post widget on the WordPress dashboard. The algorithm used is currently crude, but takes into account the age of each post as well as the number of views recieved in the current day and previous day.

In the future (when we are comfortable with the algorithm) this widget will be registered as a sidebar widget for front-end use.